The success and promotion of Canada's telecom industry is as important to Canada's Telecommunications Hall of Fame as it is to the industry itself.  Back in 2006, Canada's Telecommunications Hall of Fame launched our second and third core components, the Education Program and the Outreach Program, beginning with the unveiling of our Web site. The Hall of Fame's Education Program and Outreach Program have drawn on the success to date of the Telecom Laureate Program, which we launched with the induction of our first nine Laureates at the Telecom Laureate Awards in October 2005.

The Education Program is a key to the activities of the Hall of Fame, since it  serves as the basis to achieve our goals of educating Canadians young and old about our country's rich history and heritage as a world leader in telecommunications for more than 160 years, well before Confederation, and of interesting young Canadians about the telecommunications industry as an exciting and rewarding career path for their future..

The objectives of the Education Program of Canada's Telecommunications Hall of Fame are fourfold, namely:

** To advance education and public awareness about Canada's telecommunications heritage by carrying out information programs, by developing and maintaining an interactive website to promote Canada's role and long-standing success and leadership in telecommunications, and by developing educational and promotional materials for the benefit of members of the general public.

** To encourage, facilitate, and conduct research concerning the history, the heritage, and the greatest contributors to Canada's telecommunications industry, and to disseminate the research results to the interested public.

** To establish links with Canadian universities and colleges that offer telecommunications faculties, programs or courses and to encourage students, through scholarships and bursaries, about telecommunications as a career choice for those with a particular interest in and aptitude for the field.

** Over time, to establish, maintain and operate a physical site for Canada's Telecommunications Hall of Fame together with a national museum or exhibit for the purpose of collecting, preserving and displaying objects related to the history, heritage and development of the telecommunications industry throughout Canada.

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