Hall Of Fame

ich in its historical exploits, limitless in its future potential, Canadian telecommunications deserves to be recognized for what it is – one of our country’s most vital and successful industry sectors.
Canada’s Telecommunications Hall of Fame enters its 6th year in 2010!   With our increasingly-popular Telecom Laureate Awards Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and gala dinner each year, our exciting Education and Outreach activities and our Career Service Awards, we shine a well-deserved spotlight on this exciting industry, even as we celebrate and promote our rich history and heritage of more than 170 years of accomplishment!

Canada’s Telecommunications Hall of Fame has three equally-important and related core programs – our Hall of Fame Telecom Laureate Program, our Hall of Fame Education and Outreach Program and our Hall of Fame Telecom Promotion Program. Please take a moment to read about our core programs. Consider whether you and/or your company/organization would like to get involved as a volunteer, a sponsor of any of the programs, a charitable donor, a Hall of Fame Ambassador Club member or as an in-kind supplier of goods or services to help us achieve our goals and objectives.

Canada’s Telecommunications Hall of Fame is already playing an important role in promoting Canadian telecommunications innovation and achievement domestically and internationally. Through our Telecom Laureate Program, we strive to celebrate and showcase our country’s greatest contributors to the miracle of telecommunications. Through our Telecom Promotion Program, we showcase our current technology innovators and seek to promote the present and future accomplishments of this cutting-edge Canadian industry within Canada and around the world.  Our Education and Outreach Program works with Canadians – young and old – to inform them about the significance of telecommunications and the technological advances that this industry has contributed to social and economic progress.   Through all of our programs, we strive particularly to engage with Canadian students and attempt to educate them about the hiastorical legacy of success of Canadian telecom and to interest them in a career in the industry.
In everything that we do, Canada’s Telecommunications Hall of Fame will seek to foster a greater national and international awareness and appreciation among all Canadians and citizens of the world of the outstanding global reputation our country enjoys as a historic leader and innovator in the field of telecommunications.