From the telephone to the BlackBerry, from satellites to walkie-talkies – it’s all telecom, and it’s all Canadian.

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With the launch of Canada’s Telecommunications Hall of Fame, our Telecom Laureate Awards Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and gala dinner each year, and our exciting Education and Outreach activities, we shine a well-deserved spotlight on this exciting industry, even as we celebrate and promote our rich history and heritage of almost 170 years of accomplishment!

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Canadian Telecom’s Golden Evening: The 7th Annual Telecom Laureate
Awards Gala Dinner and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Gala Photos
Hundreds of photos were taken of the senior executives participating in the 2010 Telecom Laureate Awards. To purchase photos from the 2010 Telecom Laureate Gala  or contact the Hall of Fame at 613-878 1532.

Hall of Fame Partners with Telecom Industry to Launch New Sectoral Research and
Development Funding Program for Canadian Universities and Colleges


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Neotelis, Execulink, Richard Ivey School of Business and Canada’s Telecommunications Hall of Fame Partner in New Telecom Scholarship/Internship

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We proudly introduce our  2016 Telecom Laureate
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